About Naked Aye

About Naked Aye

Naked Aye Art Collective ignited in the run up to a tour-de-force weekend pop up exhibition that was organised within the space of two weeks in April 2015.

Spread across two galleries at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh, over 20 artists at varying stages of their career were showcased – bringing together visual and performance pieces focused on the human body. The buzz of the event and enthusiastic reception encouraged us to grow this platform.

Naked Aye Art returns this April 2nd – 16th 2016 at St Margaret’s House for a special showcase of artworks that unsettle us in delicious ways.

What’s the colour of your shadow, the form of your fear? What are the juicy qualities of nightmares and dark fantasies? Creep me oot.

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We are all Scotland-based artists, from different countries, with a common interest in exploring eerie visions in our art – mainly visually but also poetically, musically, through mixed media, film, animation and/or performance/dance.

We want to encourage and foster artistic development, networking skills and collaboration, and the direct encounter between artists and spectators.

At the pumping heart the of group is the desire to share our work with a diverse public and the ambition to get new audiences involved in art.  We will do this by mixing a range of art forms, by hosting exciting events that jumble high and low brow and by offering workshops and residencies to allow learning of new skills.

Engaging creatively with the magic kind of vulnerability, openness and rawness of real human embodiment, beyond media representations, is something we find energising and empowering.

Our aim is to invite artists across Scotland to collaborate, and to fire up a creative community in which to experiment and regularly showcase works at Naked Aye Art exhibitions.

Each exhibit will focus on a new angle based around the theme of people and their bodies.

Our next exhibition opens at 7pm on Saturday 2nd April at St Margaret’s House



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