Interview with Tessa Berring

Andrea recently had the pleasure of chatting to Tessa Berring, to discuss her upcoming work she will be exhibiting at Naked Aye Art’s next show.

Based in Edinburgh, Tessa is a creative whose work has featured at the Embassy Gallery and the Scottish Poet’s Library.

I was wondering if you tell me a little about what you are or planning to showcase at Naked Aye this year?

I am showing some collages and doll sculptures based on anatomical woodcuts.

Is there any particular themes you pursue in your work?

Naked Aye is all about the figure, and what I find most interesting about the fifteenth and sixteenth century anatomical drawings are that scientific anatomical awareness is still in its infancy. Drawings from that time blend science with imagination and decorative imagery. I like the blurring of these disciplines.

What is your creative process like?

It often starts with an image, or a piece of text that somehow captures my attention. I make work quite quickly, it sometimes feels like the process of trying to remember a dream when you have just woken up. You need to do it immediately or the image vanishes! I always feel my most successful work, or the work that I feel happiest with, is work that has a lightness about it – a quality of something just materialised.

Is there a particular medium you prefer to use in your work?

I love paper. And I love sewing – and sewing onto paper. Some of the pieces in Naked Aye are fabric based dolls, but paper is my favourite material to work with.

When did you consider yourself an artist?

I find I flit in and out of considering myself an artist. Sometimes I prefer the term ‘maker’, as I have always considered myself someone who makes things. I suppose I feel like an artist when I feel fully engaged in a creative project, and when I know there is something I absolutely have to make right there and then and nothing will stop me!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Do small things as if they were great things.

If you could have any artwork in the world what would you most love to have?

Oh my. I would love to play with Alexander Calders’ Circus.

What are you most looking forward to at Naked Aye this year?

I am looking forward to meeting up with all the other artists and seeing the responses to the Creep Me Oot theme. The energy behind this show has been wonderful to feel part of.  I hope do call in and do some life drawing too.



Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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