Naked Aye Grand Finale Line-Up: Roll up! Roll up!

So the line-up for the Grand Finale performance evening and party is now with us.  On Friday 16th Oct, a host of exciting performers and dancers will entertain you all, amidst the exhibition – a diverse range of works by Scottish-based artists on the theme of the body and Shapes that Shift Desire.

Doors Open at 6:30pm.
Performances start at 7:00pm.

And of course, the after party at The Safari Lounge!
For more information,

And here’s the line-up:

Sergio Bueno Vazquez

Sergio Bueno VazquezSergio was born in Huelva on 7th October 1988. He has always shown great interest in the arts and started playing guitar at the conservatory when he was 7, but abandoned it after six years of study for personal reasons. Not wanting to get away from his instrument, he continued for 7 years in the guitar orchestra, “El Taller de Guitarra”. He also was a member of the “Orquesta de Pulso y Púa Rodríguez Albert” during 2 years and has accompanied the singer Rafael Domínguez many times on stages in Huelva. He was also composed and played original music with Dominguez for five years in their group, “Khamala”.

“As music is something you never stop learning, I still have very ambitious goals”, says Sergio… “I want to learn as much as possible, to continue composing, improve and bring to reality all the music on my mind”.

In May 2014, Sergio moved to the city of Edinburgh and in August 2015, he launched his first album, “One Colour Sketched”. He is currently based in Edinburgh as a professional musician.

Follow Sergio on Facebook at Sergio Bueno – Music

Marjorie Lofti – Writer in ResidenceMarjorie Lofti

The Naked Aye Writer in Residence is going to read some of her work inspired by some of the paintings exhibited at Naked Aye Art  Exhibition.

Saras and MaxMax Installation + Max and I adventures Video

Come and see the “Max and I Adventures” video based on all our interactions with Max throughout the Naked Aye Art Exhibition and bid the Max installation farewell.

Gavin Glover is the creator of PotatoRoom productions, a company that creates challenging theatrical works that explores the mixture of puppets, acting, clowning, video, movement and dance – in fact, whatever is necessary to create a highly intricate and intriguing theatre.

Rebecca Green

Image2Rebecca will be presenting the second part of “That Thing”.

Rebecca works with live performance, painting, writing, craft and participation. She maintains a diverse practice, which is intimate and universal, mixing improvised surreal intentions, a wilfully alluring insistent humour and collision of empathic bewilderment amid a searing focus illuminating the natures of individual human interactions and relationships.

Her work examines, among other things, accepted and absurd human conventions, the act of performance and the moments between performer and audience, deviant relationships and observations below the surfaces of everyday activities. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She will present three performance art pieces for Naked Aye, under the title “That Thing”.


Capoeira Jam by Cordão de Ouro

Capoeira is a unique Brazilian cultural art incorporating diverse movements, music and physical conditioning. Group ‘Cordao De Ouro’ is the largest Capoeira group in the UK and one of the largest groups in the World.

The group Cordão de Ouro, meaning ‘rope of gold’ and also ‘neckchain of gold’, was established in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasilia. The name derives from the neckchain of gold worn by the famous historical Capoeirista ‘Besouro Manganga’.

Similar to Eastern Martial Arts, many Capoeira groups have a grading system using different coloured belts to mark progression in Capoeira. Different groups have varying uses of colour for the grades, but most can be put into categories of ‘student’, ‘Instructor’, ‘Professor’ (teacher), ‘Contra-Mestre’, ‘Mestre’ (Master), ‘Grao-Mestre’ (Grand master).

Cords are presented to students by their teachers at an annual ceremony and celebration called a “batizado” (literally “baptism”, though the ceremony has no relation to a religious ceremony).

Lipsync for a Lullaby

Lipsync for a Lullaby is a band formed in Edinburgh, a string quartet (trio + drums). Led by composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu  supported by friends he’s met during the years when he played solo shows in venues around the Scottish capital. Current members are: Atzi on vocals and Cello, Tim Vincent-Smith on Violin, David Townhill on Viola, and Scott Jamieson on the drums. It may sound contemporary, but punk is at its heart.

The Reverse Engineer

The Reverse Engineer is Dave House: a digital composer, sound artist and graphic designer based in Edinburgh. Inspired by the patterns, textures and decay of natural and man-made systems, Dave creates polyrhythmic soundscapes from algorithms, field recordings and everyday objects.

Jean Gillespie’s Lulu series, part of the Naked Aye exhibition

Bye Bye

And fittingly for our grand finale, Naked Aye’s own Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo, will present a Visual poetry piece in collaboration with Sergio Bueno (see above) called “Bye Bye”.

And the very last performer has to be the exhibition itself, of course,  providing a fantastic colourful and diverse setting for this jam-packed event – with another chance to purchase an exciting work by a contemporary Scottish-based artist.

DSCF3387 (1)
Craig Marshall’s photographic worksDSCF3470 (1)

So, come  along and join us for our very last event at the Naked Aye multi-arts festival in what promises to be a fabulous night of performance and fun!

Spread the word.


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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