Naked Aye – Visual Artists Preview – Part Five

Lynn Ahrens

lynnahrenspaintingGlasgow-born Ahrens has exhibited widely across Scotland, the UK and beyond. His painting explores the human figure in a contemporary way. Attempting to reveal human potential in its diversity, at rest or interacting. He is involved in an ongoing exploration of renewing figure painting within a continuing tradition and beyond.

Tessa Berring

TessaBerringartworkTessa is an artist and poet whose work has featured at the Embassy Gallery and the Scottish Poet’s Library. For Naked Aye she is displaying a mixture of 2D images and intriguing and ambiguous  embroidered works.

Trina Boham

TrinabohamdrawingTrina is predominantly a landscape artist known for her dramatic skyscapes, who also draws and paints the body. She is based in St Margaret’s House where she runs regular life-drawing for artists.

Kirstie Campbell

kirstiecampbellartThere is desire and tension suggested in Kirstie’s work for Naked Aye. There is glamour, but is there also sense of anxiety in the juxtaposition of monochrome pencil with colourful dynamic geometric shapes?

Saras Feijoo

Saras Feijoo -Oil on CanvasSaras is a Theatre Maker and Visual Artist and Naked Aye’s Performance Curator. She is displaying a number of her oil paintings. Saras: “I use my Art to express the depths of my Soul. The Language I seek to create is an Universal language that everyone can understand and interpret at their will. I aim to awaken emotions that have lain dormant and encourage the spectators to get answers from within; in doing this, they will also get in touch with the magic that lies inside them.” or visit

Mira Knoche 

MKuntitledMira Knoche is a professional dabbler smitten with Dada, dance, poetry and paints, installation and life drawing. Building platforms for people’s creative ventures also is a passion – she’s been seminal in the creation and running of Naked Aye. She is interested in humorously exploring feminism and poking her finger into customary gender dynamics as well as looking at environmental sustainability and our engagement with nature.

Marcin Krupa

MarcinKrupaMarcin is an artist who is originally from Poland and was the originator of Naked Aye. Beside his own work, he runs an online fine art business that offers bespoke, designed and sustainable products, such as furniture, with artistic motives together with Federica Lucia Vinella. He and Federica have been have been engaged in making art for interiors since 2013. Their passion lies in making the most of their talents to deliver the highest quality to their customers.

Federica Lucia Vinella

federicavinellaFederica is an artist, originally from Italy. Beside her own work, she runs an online fine art business that offers bespoke, designed and sustainable products, such as furniture, with artistic motifs together with Marcin Krupa.


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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