Naked Aye – Visual Artists Preview – Part 4

Okay nearly there. More to share. Who else is here? Have a look….

Jean Gillespie

Jean Gillespie - section_image_Portrait-of-Jimmy-844-KB

A professional artist working at WASPS studios Dalry, Edinburgh, Jean’s working practice is mainly Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.  She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Drawing and Painting in 2001, then going on to Wimbledon School of Art to complete a Postgraduate Course in Drawing.  She then travelled widely throughout the Far East teaching English and Art.

Her figurative work alludes to metaphor and she prefers to work by developing around a theme. In her landscape work she tries to instil a feeling of the place through colour and texture.

Leigh Chorlton

Metropolis (oil on canvas) 171cm X 82cm  lgweb-Leigh Chorlton

Graduated from Edinburgh College of art with an MA in Contemporary art theory in 2000.  Set up and runs Whitespace, a gallery facility for artists. Leigh paints, makes sculpture, and produces ceramic works of a political nature, with playful humour and irony, together with a simultaneous serious undercurrent.  His paintings have a highly structured figurative content.

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston, Tilly Gifford & Rebecca Nada- Rajah

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston IMG_7265Heshani is a visual narrator. She has worked as documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter, television producer and photographer for over 2 decades.

Rebecca is a writer, dancer and martial artist living in West Lothian.  Her first play, The Constant k Determines the Ultimate Fate of the Universe, was written as a dissertation in the sciences at the Origins Research Institute at McMaster University and was first produced at the Pearl Company Theatre in Hamilton, Canada in June 2008.

Tilly Gifford is a ceramicist from Glasgow.  Her pieces are casts from nature re-assembled into functional house-ware objects.  She has an appetite for experimenting with technical challenges, combing the brutal with the mundane.

Lynsey MacKenzie

Lynsey MacKenzie,Shift II,Mixed Media,44x66inch,£800 (2)

After graduating with a degree in law, Lynsey worked in theatre administration while taking part time art classes.  This encouraged her to pursue her love of painting.  She is fascinated by the transience of human presence and that of our created environment.  Currently she has been using a mixed media approach, including collage, acrylic paint and oil paint, to explore figures in architectural spaces.  She attempts to create an encounter with the figure, and to depict light as an active, dynamic force which creates a sense of flux, movement and shifts in time.

J. A. Sutherland

1. Shadow

J. A. Sutherland is an emerging writer, performing frequently at Edinburgh events such as Caesura, 10-Red, Café Voices, The Speakeasy, Illicit Ink, Inky Fingers, and Blind Poetics.  Besides having had many poems and stories published in various magazines and online, Sutherland also writes drama for theatre, radio, and spoken-word performance.

Alice von Gotha


Born in France in 1989, Graduated to a Master’s Degree in History of Art in 2012 and lives and works in Glasgow.  This part of her work is a series of portraits, made of acrylic and theatre blood on canvas.  The use of blood and the ripping/resewing of the canvases symbolise emotional pain and recovery, life challenges they (we) overcome.  She depicts human faces that moved her, in a film, on stage, through lyrics, texts of fate.

Rosy Barnes

oilpastelwoman - Rosy Barnes

Rosy is a painter and writer who has worked in theatre and as visual arts curator and project manager for Art in Healthcare.  She has a deep and passionate interest in Scottish and UK painting particularly of an expressionistic bent.  She mainly paints in oils – though recently has also been experimenting with oil pastel. Her major subjects are the body, the self and the city.

Marios Papantoniou

Marios has taken up painting during the last few years. Currently he is studying painting for the second year at Leith School of Art and all of his work has been the result of his attendance there.  Marios hopes to become a full time artist in July 2016 when he will complete his studies.

Juliana Capes

3jcapes-Juliana Capes

Juliana Capes is a sculptor, painter and installation artist.  She typically makes site specific performative installation.  She has made work for Glasgow International Festival, Royal
Scottish Academy, Society of Scottish Artists, Hidden Door and many other festivals and galleries.  She also works as an Artist Educator, writes, hula hoops, plays ukelele and sings.

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Jean Gillespie
Leigh Chorlton
Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston
Tilly Gifford
Lynsey MacKenzie
J. A. Sutherland
Alice von Gotha
Juliana Capes


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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