Naked Aye: a Performance Feast and meet our Writer in Residence!

Work from Alexandra Neri – who brings us Erised with physical theatre students from Fife college

Not content with bringing you a great exhibition of diverse works – no! Naked Aye is bringing all sorts of artists and disciplines together with our Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo, putting together a fabulous line-up of performances relating to the central theme “Shapes that Shift Desire”. Here is a glimpse of what to expect.


From Rebecca Green

That Thing by Rebecca Green

Rebecca works with live performance, painting, writing, craft and participation. She maintains a diverse practice, which is intimate and universal, mixing improvised surreal intentions, a wilfully alluring insistent humour and collision of empathic bewilderment amid a searing focus illuminating the natures of individual human interactions and relationships. Her work examines, among other things, accepted and absurd human conventions, the act of performance and the moments between performer and audience, deviant relationships and observations below the surfaces of everyday activities. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She will present three performance art pieces for Naked Aye, under the title “That Thing”.


THE HIDDEN PORT by Monica d’Ioanni & Liam Baker

Original theatre with contemporary dance and live music.

During World War One, Giuseppe Ungaretti wrote poetry, whilst serving as a soldier in the Italian Front. He wrote at night, by gas light, in the few quiet hours between the chaos and the violence. Forged under the constant threat of death, his poems confirm the unvanquishable beauty of life.

Join us on a theatrical journey, tracing the journey of Ungaretti as he searches for light in the darkness, hope in the impossible; the world that was lost: The Hidden Port.


Virtual, Virtuous, Virtuoso by Topaz Pauls & Company

Two nude dancers and Norman Mclaren’s 1968 film Pas De Deux, accompanied by live improvised music by Tim and the Sink and Atzi.


“Raven, Collection, Selection” interactive piece by Sara Monaghan


Contact Dance Improvisation Demo by The Glasgow Jam

As a practice, contact improvisation relates fundamentally to the themes of desire and its ever-shifting shapes. It is a purely sense-based movement form, taking impulses based on the body’s experience – e.g. pressure, momentum, spatial opportunities, vibrations and rhythms of sound – as the starting point for improvisation.

Movers listen to one another as well as taking cues from their physical environment and follow their curiosity in relation to what the space offers, moment by moment.

jam photo dominic
Drawing by Dominic Snyder done at a jam



Erised is a physical theatre exploration of the theme of desire in different prospectives and natures. How does desire affect you? How does it affect the outside? We found some of the answers and embodied them using a marvellous mix of physical and voice skills. This work has been created by Alessandra Neri together with the Physical Theatre students of Fife College.


Live Music by Liam Baker


Host and Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo

Host of the Night by Saras Feijoo

Saras will bring her character The Hostess to welcome you, take you into a journey amongst performance artists and very diverse visual art. Expect to be surprised and bring your best intentions.

Saras is a performance artist, theatre maker, producer and metaphysical figurative visual artist. She is the Performance Curator at Naked Aye Art Collective for both opening and closing nights.

To read more about her work go here: and here:

And if that isn’t enough for you, our writer in residence, Marjorie Lofti, will be interacting with the exhibition and event – writing poems and text responding to various paintings and the event as a whole.

Marjorie Lofti
Writer in residence, Marjorie Lofti, will be responding to the exhibition and events and running a writers’ workshop on Thurs the 8th Oct

Marjorie will also give a short writing workshop on Thursday 8th from 10-12pm. She will be sharing how to write responding to a visual art work.

We’d like to thank all these fantastic performers, artists and contributors for giving their time and making Naked Aye bigger and more fabulous than we ever could have imagined.

And many thanks to Saras for putting together such a feast of performances!


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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