Naked Aye Grand Finale Line-Up: Roll up! Roll up!

So the line-up for the Grand Finale performance evening and party is now with us.  On Friday 16th Oct, a host of exciting performers and dancers will entertain you all, amidst the exhibition – a diverse range of works by Scottish-based artists on the theme of the body and Shapes that Shift Desire.

Doors Open at 6:30pm.
Performances start at 7:00pm.

And of course, the after party at The Safari Lounge!
For more information,

And here’s the line-up:

Sergio Bueno Vazquez

Sergio Bueno VazquezSergio was born in Huelva on 7th October 1988. He has always shown great interest in the arts and started playing guitar at the conservatory when he was 7, but abandoned it after six years of study for personal reasons. Not wanting to get away from his instrument, he continued for 7 years in the guitar orchestra, “El Taller de Guitarra”. He also was a member of the “Orquesta de Pulso y Púa Rodríguez Albert” during 2 years and has accompanied the singer Rafael Domínguez many times on stages in Huelva. He was also composed and played original music with Dominguez for five years in their group, “Khamala”.

“As music is something you never stop learning, I still have very ambitious goals”, says Sergio… “I want to learn as much as possible, to continue composing, improve and bring to reality all the music on my mind”.

In May 2014, Sergio moved to the city of Edinburgh and in August 2015, he launched his first album, “One Colour Sketched”. He is currently based in Edinburgh as a professional musician.

Follow Sergio on Facebook at Sergio Bueno – Music

Marjorie Lofti – Writer in ResidenceMarjorie Lofti

The Naked Aye Writer in Residence is going to read some of her work inspired by some of the paintings exhibited at Naked Aye Art  Exhibition.

Saras and MaxMax Installation + Max and I adventures Video

Come and see the “Max and I Adventures” video based on all our interactions with Max throughout the Naked Aye Art Exhibition and bid the Max installation farewell.

Gavin Glover is the creator of PotatoRoom productions, a company that creates challenging theatrical works that explores the mixture of puppets, acting, clowning, video, movement and dance – in fact, whatever is necessary to create a highly intricate and intriguing theatre.

Rebecca Green

Image2Rebecca will be presenting the second part of “That Thing”.

Rebecca works with live performance, painting, writing, craft and participation. She maintains a diverse practice, which is intimate and universal, mixing improvised surreal intentions, a wilfully alluring insistent humour and collision of empathic bewilderment amid a searing focus illuminating the natures of individual human interactions and relationships.

Her work examines, among other things, accepted and absurd human conventions, the act of performance and the moments between performer and audience, deviant relationships and observations below the surfaces of everyday activities. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She will present three performance art pieces for Naked Aye, under the title “That Thing”.


Capoeira Jam by Cordão de Ouro

Capoeira is a unique Brazilian cultural art incorporating diverse movements, music and physical conditioning. Group ‘Cordao De Ouro’ is the largest Capoeira group in the UK and one of the largest groups in the World.

The group Cordão de Ouro, meaning ‘rope of gold’ and also ‘neckchain of gold’, was established in 1967 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasilia. The name derives from the neckchain of gold worn by the famous historical Capoeirista ‘Besouro Manganga’.

Similar to Eastern Martial Arts, many Capoeira groups have a grading system using different coloured belts to mark progression in Capoeira. Different groups have varying uses of colour for the grades, but most can be put into categories of ‘student’, ‘Instructor’, ‘Professor’ (teacher), ‘Contra-Mestre’, ‘Mestre’ (Master), ‘Grao-Mestre’ (Grand master).

Cords are presented to students by their teachers at an annual ceremony and celebration called a “batizado” (literally “baptism”, though the ceremony has no relation to a religious ceremony).

Lipsync for a Lullaby

Lipsync for a Lullaby is a band formed in Edinburgh, a string quartet (trio + drums). Led by composer/cellist Atzi Muramatsu  supported by friends he’s met during the years when he played solo shows in venues around the Scottish capital. Current members are: Atzi on vocals and Cello, Tim Vincent-Smith on Violin, David Townhill on Viola, and Scott Jamieson on the drums. It may sound contemporary, but punk is at its heart.

The Reverse Engineer

The Reverse Engineer is Dave House: a digital composer, sound artist and graphic designer based in Edinburgh. Inspired by the patterns, textures and decay of natural and man-made systems, Dave creates polyrhythmic soundscapes from algorithms, field recordings and everyday objects.

Jean Gillespie’s Lulu series, part of the Naked Aye exhibition

Bye Bye

And fittingly for our grand finale, Naked Aye’s own Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo, will present a Visual poetry piece in collaboration with Sergio Bueno (see above) called “Bye Bye”.

And the very last performer has to be the exhibition itself, of course,  providing a fantastic colourful and diverse setting for this jam-packed event – with another chance to purchase an exciting work by a contemporary Scottish-based artist.

DSCF3387 (1)
Craig Marshall’s photographic worksDSCF3470 (1)

So, come  along and join us for our very last event at the Naked Aye multi-arts festival in what promises to be a fabulous night of performance and fun!

Spread the word.


After the opening came the After Party, special guest Doctor Gramophone


Well, we all had a very grand time with Dr Gramophone at our after party at the Safari Lounge.  Please do give him a visit over on Facebook and have a look at some of the shots from the after party below.  Photos courtesy of Darragh Murphy & Mira Knoche

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Don’t forget to pay Doctor Gramophone a visit over on his website and we can testify to the very high quality of his musical treats.

Naked Aye Opening Night – and what a night!

DSCF3405 (1)Well, the Naked Aye opening night was bigger and more spectacular that even we anticipated. So many people to thank – including all the wonderful performers who made the night really special.

But let’s start with the audience. Thank you so much to everyone who came. Good-humoured, interactive, humorous, engaged – and so many people! Thank you so much for coming.  We couldn’t have asked for more. The place was absolutely buzzing.

Then thanks to all the magnificent performers – click for full list here.

And thanks to the artists – read about them here, here, here, here and here! – thank you volunteers, everyone at St Margaret’s House and everyone who helped get this show on the road. We have a full list of thank yous in the brochure and we really are very grateful to you all.IMG_7435editIMG_7432editIMG_7491edit

But it doesn’t stop there!

Naked Aye has a tonload of events planned for the next fortnight – if you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, we really advise you do to keep up!

Unique and Experimental Life-drawing Daily This Week

Reconfigure: a different take on life-drawing

Don’t miss Reconfigure’s unique life-drawing sessions every day this week. From naked hula hoop artists to naked musicians – this series offers something different in a relaxed environment – all levels of drawing experience welcome. Please visit the following Facebook and Eventbrite links for more detail.

Other events

poster naked aye

They include Aye!Def’s film event of new short films about the body, a very special screening of the film classic Wings of Desire and a Poetry Evening  – plus the closing night finale with more fantastic performers! Please click on the flyer above for dates and times.

And don’t forget – Main Art Exhibition on every day

DSCF3470 (1)On 10am-6pm for the next two weeks in Gallery 1 and  2 – DSCF3369 (1)an exciting and diverse selection of artworks from artists across the city and beyond including subversive ceramics, satirical bowls, colourful tapestries, bold oil paintings, delicate drawings and atmospheric photographic works.

Click thumbnail for programme with list of prices

The majority of works are for sale. The prices are listed in  the programme  – click on image – with further copies in the gallery.

Naked Aye wants to help artists so takes no commission.
So spread the word to all your friends and join us for the rest of the journey. See you at the next event.


Naked Aye – Programme of Works and Prices

Most of the work on display at the Naked Aye exhibition is for sale.

We have enclosed below a PDF of our print programme, where you can find prices, and the contact information of our artists should you wish to purchase a piece.


Our aim is for our artists to benefit, and we don’t take any commission from the sales of the artworks made over the duration of this exhibition.

4 Minute Warning, Anubis - Craig Marshall

Naked Aye – Visual Artists Preview – Part Five

Lynn Ahrens

lynnahrenspaintingGlasgow-born Ahrens has exhibited widely across Scotland, the UK and beyond. His painting explores the human figure in a contemporary way. Attempting to reveal human potential in its diversity, at rest or interacting. He is involved in an ongoing exploration of renewing figure painting within a continuing tradition and beyond.

Tessa Berring

TessaBerringartworkTessa is an artist and poet whose work has featured at the Embassy Gallery and the Scottish Poet’s Library. For Naked Aye she is displaying a mixture of 2D images and intriguing and ambiguous  embroidered works.

Trina Boham

TrinabohamdrawingTrina is predominantly a landscape artist known for her dramatic skyscapes, who also draws and paints the body. She is based in St Margaret’s House where she runs regular life-drawing for artists.

Kirstie Campbell

kirstiecampbellartThere is desire and tension suggested in Kirstie’s work for Naked Aye. There is glamour, but is there also sense of anxiety in the juxtaposition of monochrome pencil with colourful dynamic geometric shapes?

Saras Feijoo

Saras Feijoo -Oil on CanvasSaras is a Theatre Maker and Visual Artist and Naked Aye’s Performance Curator. She is displaying a number of her oil paintings. Saras: “I use my Art to express the depths of my Soul. The Language I seek to create is an Universal language that everyone can understand and interpret at their will. I aim to awaken emotions that have lain dormant and encourage the spectators to get answers from within; in doing this, they will also get in touch with the magic that lies inside them.” or visit

Mira Knoche 

MKuntitledMira Knoche is a professional dabbler smitten with Dada, dance, poetry and paints, installation and life drawing. Building platforms for people’s creative ventures also is a passion – she’s been seminal in the creation and running of Naked Aye. She is interested in humorously exploring feminism and poking her finger into customary gender dynamics as well as looking at environmental sustainability and our engagement with nature.

Marcin Krupa

MarcinKrupaMarcin is an artist who is originally from Poland and was the originator of Naked Aye. Beside his own work, he runs an online fine art business that offers bespoke, designed and sustainable products, such as furniture, with artistic motives together with Federica Lucia Vinella. He and Federica have been have been engaged in making art for interiors since 2013. Their passion lies in making the most of their talents to deliver the highest quality to their customers.

Federica Lucia Vinella

federicavinellaFederica is an artist, originally from Italy. Beside her own work, she runs an online fine art business that offers bespoke, designed and sustainable products, such as furniture, with artistic motifs together with Marcin Krupa.

Naked Aye – Visual Artists Preview – Part 4

Okay nearly there. More to share. Who else is here? Have a look….

Jean Gillespie

Jean Gillespie - section_image_Portrait-of-Jimmy-844-KB

A professional artist working at WASPS studios Dalry, Edinburgh, Jean’s working practice is mainly Drawing, Painting and Printmaking.  She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Drawing and Painting in 2001, then going on to Wimbledon School of Art to complete a Postgraduate Course in Drawing.  She then travelled widely throughout the Far East teaching English and Art.

Her figurative work alludes to metaphor and she prefers to work by developing around a theme. In her landscape work she tries to instil a feeling of the place through colour and texture.

Leigh Chorlton

Metropolis (oil on canvas) 171cm X 82cm  lgweb-Leigh Chorlton

Graduated from Edinburgh College of art with an MA in Contemporary art theory in 2000.  Set up and runs Whitespace, a gallery facility for artists. Leigh paints, makes sculpture, and produces ceramic works of a political nature, with playful humour and irony, together with a simultaneous serious undercurrent.  His paintings have a highly structured figurative content.

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston, Tilly Gifford & Rebecca Nada- Rajah

Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston IMG_7265Heshani is a visual narrator. She has worked as documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter, television producer and photographer for over 2 decades.

Rebecca is a writer, dancer and martial artist living in West Lothian.  Her first play, The Constant k Determines the Ultimate Fate of the Universe, was written as a dissertation in the sciences at the Origins Research Institute at McMaster University and was first produced at the Pearl Company Theatre in Hamilton, Canada in June 2008.

Tilly Gifford is a ceramicist from Glasgow.  Her pieces are casts from nature re-assembled into functional house-ware objects.  She has an appetite for experimenting with technical challenges, combing the brutal with the mundane.

Lynsey MacKenzie

Lynsey MacKenzie,Shift II,Mixed Media,44x66inch,£800 (2)

After graduating with a degree in law, Lynsey worked in theatre administration while taking part time art classes.  This encouraged her to pursue her love of painting.  She is fascinated by the transience of human presence and that of our created environment.  Currently she has been using a mixed media approach, including collage, acrylic paint and oil paint, to explore figures in architectural spaces.  She attempts to create an encounter with the figure, and to depict light as an active, dynamic force which creates a sense of flux, movement and shifts in time.

J. A. Sutherland

1. Shadow

J. A. Sutherland is an emerging writer, performing frequently at Edinburgh events such as Caesura, 10-Red, Café Voices, The Speakeasy, Illicit Ink, Inky Fingers, and Blind Poetics.  Besides having had many poems and stories published in various magazines and online, Sutherland also writes drama for theatre, radio, and spoken-word performance.

Alice von Gotha


Born in France in 1989, Graduated to a Master’s Degree in History of Art in 2012 and lives and works in Glasgow.  This part of her work is a series of portraits, made of acrylic and theatre blood on canvas.  The use of blood and the ripping/resewing of the canvases symbolise emotional pain and recovery, life challenges they (we) overcome.  She depicts human faces that moved her, in a film, on stage, through lyrics, texts of fate.

Rosy Barnes

oilpastelwoman - Rosy Barnes

Rosy is a painter and writer who has worked in theatre and as visual arts curator and project manager for Art in Healthcare.  She has a deep and passionate interest in Scottish and UK painting particularly of an expressionistic bent.  She mainly paints in oils – though recently has also been experimenting with oil pastel. Her major subjects are the body, the self and the city.

Marios Papantoniou

Marios has taken up painting during the last few years. Currently he is studying painting for the second year at Leith School of Art and all of his work has been the result of his attendance there.  Marios hopes to become a full time artist in July 2016 when he will complete his studies.

Juliana Capes

3jcapes-Juliana Capes

Juliana Capes is a sculptor, painter and installation artist.  She typically makes site specific performative installation.  She has made work for Glasgow International Festival, Royal
Scottish Academy, Society of Scottish Artists, Hidden Door and many other festivals and galleries.  She also works as an Artist Educator, writes, hula hoops, plays ukelele and sings.

Links, links, links.  Visit them for more.

Jean Gillespie
Leigh Chorlton
Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston
Tilly Gifford
Lynsey MacKenzie
J. A. Sutherland
Alice von Gotha
Juliana Capes

Naked Aye: a Performance Feast and meet our Writer in Residence!

Work from Alexandra Neri – who brings us Erised with physical theatre students from Fife college

Not content with bringing you a great exhibition of diverse works – no! Naked Aye is bringing all sorts of artists and disciplines together with our Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo, putting together a fabulous line-up of performances relating to the central theme “Shapes that Shift Desire”. Here is a glimpse of what to expect.


From Rebecca Green

That Thing by Rebecca Green

Rebecca works with live performance, painting, writing, craft and participation. She maintains a diverse practice, which is intimate and universal, mixing improvised surreal intentions, a wilfully alluring insistent humour and collision of empathic bewilderment amid a searing focus illuminating the natures of individual human interactions and relationships. Her work examines, among other things, accepted and absurd human conventions, the act of performance and the moments between performer and audience, deviant relationships and observations below the surfaces of everyday activities. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

She will present three performance art pieces for Naked Aye, under the title “That Thing”.


THE HIDDEN PORT by Monica d’Ioanni & Liam Baker

Original theatre with contemporary dance and live music.

During World War One, Giuseppe Ungaretti wrote poetry, whilst serving as a soldier in the Italian Front. He wrote at night, by gas light, in the few quiet hours between the chaos and the violence. Forged under the constant threat of death, his poems confirm the unvanquishable beauty of life.

Join us on a theatrical journey, tracing the journey of Ungaretti as he searches for light in the darkness, hope in the impossible; the world that was lost: The Hidden Port.


Virtual, Virtuous, Virtuoso by Topaz Pauls & Company

Two nude dancers and Norman Mclaren’s 1968 film Pas De Deux, accompanied by live improvised music by Tim and the Sink and Atzi.


“Raven, Collection, Selection” interactive piece by Sara Monaghan


Contact Dance Improvisation Demo by The Glasgow Jam

As a practice, contact improvisation relates fundamentally to the themes of desire and its ever-shifting shapes. It is a purely sense-based movement form, taking impulses based on the body’s experience – e.g. pressure, momentum, spatial opportunities, vibrations and rhythms of sound – as the starting point for improvisation.

Movers listen to one another as well as taking cues from their physical environment and follow their curiosity in relation to what the space offers, moment by moment.

jam photo dominic
Drawing by Dominic Snyder done at a jam



Erised is a physical theatre exploration of the theme of desire in different prospectives and natures. How does desire affect you? How does it affect the outside? We found some of the answers and embodied them using a marvellous mix of physical and voice skills. This work has been created by Alessandra Neri together with the Physical Theatre students of Fife College.


Live Music by Liam Baker


Host and Performance Curator, Saras Feijoo

Host of the Night by Saras Feijoo

Saras will bring her character The Hostess to welcome you, take you into a journey amongst performance artists and very diverse visual art. Expect to be surprised and bring your best intentions.

Saras is a performance artist, theatre maker, producer and metaphysical figurative visual artist. She is the Performance Curator at Naked Aye Art Collective for both opening and closing nights.

To read more about her work go here: and here:

And if that isn’t enough for you, our writer in residence, Marjorie Lofti, will be interacting with the exhibition and event – writing poems and text responding to various paintings and the event as a whole.

Marjorie Lofti
Writer in residence, Marjorie Lofti, will be responding to the exhibition and events and running a writers’ workshop on Thurs the 8th Oct

Marjorie will also give a short writing workshop on Thursday 8th from 10-12pm. She will be sharing how to write responding to a visual art work.

We’d like to thank all these fantastic performers, artists and contributors for giving their time and making Naked Aye bigger and more fabulous than we ever could have imagined.

And many thanks to Saras for putting together such a feast of performances!