Naked Aye – Visual Artists Preview – Part 1

Our exhibition programme will include paintings and performance, installations and film, spoken word and drawings, sculpture and photography, music and more.
We’d like to share with you some of the visual artists who are participating in the exhibition, and a few hints about what to expect.  More to follow soon…

Wilson Russell

Wilson Russell

Wilson trained as a draughtsman before going on to study art and psychology.  He worked for a time making stained glass but spent the following years pursuing an interest and career in teaching and practicing psychoanalysis, always retaining an interest in aesthetics and the part they play in human experience.  Four years ago he decided to stop all clinical practice.  He now works using ink and watercolour, to find a new language, to discover meaning in the space between the expressiveness of the human body, and the response in ink to the gesture of communication by the model.

Joanna Lubonska

Joanna Lubonska

Joanna Lubonska is a visual artist based in Edinburgh. Joanna Graduated with a Masters of Art from the University of Silesia in Poland in 2007 and since moving to Scotland she has been constantly developing her practice in the Visual Arts.  In her work the landscape of the body is forced to abstraction through repetition, in a never-ending geometric kaleidoscope of form.  Finding sexual shapes in the body which are not so obvious at first sight, shifting the focus from erotic to geometric.

Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster -Watercolour picture

Michelle completed an art degree, and later trained as a social worker.  She worked with drug users, homeless women in abusive relationships and excluded young people. Her work focuses on emotional intelligence: the need to fully experience and understand our emotional selves in order to feel congruent in daily living. Michelle says, “I have always been fascinated by the sense we have of our own selves, and how this is not reflected in dominant societal images of what is desirable.  The notion that sex is the domain of the young and ‘attractive’ belies human experience”.

Tabitha Rayne

The Pearl Necklace and the Motel Room small file - Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha writes erotic tales and creates sensual art works and films – all with desire as the central theme.  She is fascinated by the artist and muse dynamic, and this recurs across all the mediums she uses.  When she needs to paint, she needs to paint – that’s why some of her work appear on beaten up bits of cardboard or worn out notebooks.  Sensuality and desire drive Tabitha’s work, her writing, painting and film making.

James Page

James Page - Blog Image

James Craig Page is a self-taught artist, living and working in Dunbar.  He began painting in 1997 and founded C.o.G (Church of Gloss) in 2007.  His work is spiritually inspired and is created in a Dwamic state through a channelling process he developed through his work as a spiritualist medium.

To find out more about the artists featured please visit their websites:

Wilson Russell
Joanna Lubonska
Tabitha Rayne
James Page


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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