The Other Side of the Canvas – Life Drawing Sessions


As part of the Naked Aye festival of events, artist Marcin Krupa, and artist and life model Topaz Pauls plan to run some exciting life drawing events.  More information will be posted on our Facebook page in due course.

Topaz Pauls is an artist but also knows what it’s like on the other side of the canvas, working as a life model in what is a growing and buzzing life drawing scene. She heads up the Edinburgh wing of All the Young Nudes, a life drawing sketch club that mixes life drawing with music to bring this most traditional of artforms a more modern twist.

“ATYN is unique because it prides itself on providing an environment for anyone, whether they consider themselves an artist or not, to zone out, focus, relax and sketch with a tipple and some tunes.  There’s no pressure to perform or display your work, and no tuition. We have seen masses of people coming to sketch each week for 6 years in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, which highlights the rising popularity of life drawing as a hobby and skill.”

Indeed, life drawing is now becoming so popular that All the Young Nudes also run life modelling classes to teach prospective models the ropes. And there appears to be no shortage of people willing to pose.

“More and more folk are beginning to understand that although life drawing is based on the body, it is not inherently erotic,” Topaz explains. “I think that as well as having an interest in figurative art, prospective models want to overcome body-confidence issues through life modelling. And that’s the beauty of figurative art – that it depicts life in all its forms.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the joys of life drawing, Naked Aye will be running some life drawing workshops as part of our programme. Please check the Facebook page regularly for updates.

Here are just some of the great life drawing opportunities in Edinburgh:

All the Young Nudes, at Cabaret Voltaire on Tuesdays, 7-9pm, @ATYNudes

Leith School of Art run taught classes and drop-in classes.

And there are life drawing classes and a weekend drop-in at Look and Draw in WASPS off Dalry Road

One of our Naked Aye show participants, Leigh Chorlton, runs regular life drawing and portrait classes at Whitespace in Edinburgh.


If you’re interested in really getting to grips with what’s under the surface, artist Alan McGowan runs anatomy workshops for artists  – next one is 15-17th Jan 2016 at St Margaret’s House Edinburgh, please visit his website for details.


Author: Naked Aye Art

A collective of Scotland-based artists, with a common interest in exploring the shapes and stories of people and their bodies in our art.

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